MSU Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Technical Buildout

The three-story accelerator facility will enable scientists to make discoveries about the properties of rare isotopes to advance knowledge in nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, fundamental interactions of nuclei, and applications of rare isotopes for society. Projects within the facility have included a cryogenic system which will supply liquid helium at a temperature of -456.07 degrees Fahrenheit to cool super conducting magnets used to 

accelerate the beam. To date over 10,000 linear feet of stainless steel pipe engineered, designed, coordinated, pre-fabricated and installed. Systems include helium, gas nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, and oil. Installation of rack piping, helium compressors, (2) 50 ton cold boxes, oil coalescers, oil processor, and vacuum jacketed systems. This included collaboration between laboratories across the county with numerous hours interacting with engineers, and other trades.

Project Specs


MSU Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Office Tower

The six-story office tower addition was approximately 74,000 square feet and

provided private and open offices, as well as flexible laboratory and

collaborative space, including conference rooms and a 265-seat lecture hall.

Smith Group was the Architect/Engineer of record. We provided engineering,

constructability, planning, procurement, and project management services to

take the project from a DD level document to a 100% CD. This was a federally

funded project and we were provided an initial mechanical budget and had to

keep our overall cost within those parameters. While the contract language

didn’t specify a target value design, cost was optimized at every stage of


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